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Our Head Doctor
Alonso M. Treviño, Dental Surgeon

With more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Treviño provides the dental clinic leadership and best practices. Dr. Treviño studied at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Our Practice


Our experienced staff can guide you through the dental treatments in order to keep your teeth health at its best. We are committed to treating patients with the respect they deserve. Our doctor and staff work with you to help keep your mouth, gums and teeth healthy.


Keep your smile healty

Having a toothache or other dental symptoms?

If you are having tooth and jaw pain make an appointment  as soon as possible. Your dentist needs to diagnose the underlying cause and correct it before it turns into a greater problem.

How many times per day should you brush your teeth?

The recommended amount of times is at least twice a day, after every meal, and in each brushing session you should clean any remaining food from your teeth and tounge.

Our Staff Doctor
Alonso Marín Treviño, Dental Surgeon

With orthodontic experience, Dr. Alonso M. Treviño studied at the Nuevo Leon Autonomous University and currently has his practice at the Dental Clinic.

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